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Meet Fabian

Leadership and Management Coach

Hi! My name is Fabian Camargo.


I’m a leadership and management coach with a background in Software Engineering. Programming was my first love at work, and I had a 22-year career as a Software Engineer. Like many of you, I was promoted to management with zero training and no experience. Along the way, I got training, managed a lot of great engineers, and started coaching engineers to become great managers. In the latter part of my career, I became passionate about management and human performance. How could I, as a leader, help my team perform at its very best? Almost as importantly, how could I drive performance in a sustainable and humane way? I had no interest in driving performance through fear or coercion, there had to be a better way.

As a leadership and management coach, I started running an internal management training program in 2017 and I’ve been a full-time coach since 2019. I found coaching as a fantastic craft and discipline to explore and support human performance, including my own. Coaching allows me to do one of the things I most enjoy: talk to people 1-1 and empower them to achieve their goals. It also allows me to be of service and do a little good in the world by helping other humans.

Companies have gotten a lot better about supporting managers. Most have management training programs and realize that being a great individual contributor is different than being a fantastic manager. But how many provide ongoing coaching to their managers and leaders?


The greatest performers in the world all have coaches, most of them have multiple. 
Why shouldn’t you? 
I’d love to support you.

Contact me and let me know how I can help you as a leadership and management coach or sign up for our newsletter.


Individual Coaching

Think about the top performers in the world. Most of them have a coach, many have multiple. Why shouldn't you? Coaching is a powerful partnership that supports you in achieving your goals. As a leadership and management coach, I offer customizable experience designed entirely with you in mind. Whether you're a new or experienced leader, coaching allows you to come up with clarity and insights that turn into action, and coaching provides the space for reflection you need to make progress.

Team Coaching

Invest in your team's development and growth through team coaching. Team coaching is a combination of 1-1 coaching and group sessions. As a leadership and management coach, my sessions are designed to get the benefits of individual coaching as a team as well as collaborating to improve as a group and achieve team goals.

Coaching Training for Managers

Improve your managers' ability to coach by having them coach each other! This is a facilitated experience that allows managers to work, learn, and practice together. They will flow information across team boundaries, act as multipliers by exchanging ideas, and find a safe space to practice and hear coaching conversations. There's a decent chance they'll have fun too!


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